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  • "Fresh macroeconomic perspectives and unique market insights, The Opportune Time to sign up is now!"

    Alex from New York, New York
  • "I love The Opportune Time! It is easy to read and understand. The graphs and charts help clarify issues and the citations give the reader greater confidence. The global perspective is not only needed but also absolutely necessary for anyone interested in today's financial markets. A great new source of information for any investor."

    Dorothy from Detroit, Michigan
  • "The Opportune Time is a great way to stay tuned into macro trends and opportunities."

    James from Beijing, China
  • "The Opportune Time has been a valuable aid in providing deep insight and solid financial analysis based on logical deductions built upon historic economic trends. Predictions have also been jarringly accurate, especially the prediction that the stock market was going under a few months leading up to the huge fall in the Dow post downgrade."

    Yitao from Singapore
  • "Whenever I need a perspective on the market grounded in integrity and insightful analysis, I can turn to The Opportune Time to offer that consistently."

    Matt from Tracy, California
  • "As someone who is very busy and does not follow the markets closely, The Opportune Time provides detailed, easy to read updates that keep me informed about the markets and the world economy."

    David from Las Vegas, Nevada
  • "As a student, I have found The Opportune Time to be extremely useful. Its shockingly accurate predictions are made only more impressive by the comprehensive explanations and analysis. Its generosity in introducing and simplifying complex concepts belies the sheer wisdom behind these weeklies, making it accessible for students and professionals alike."

    Linan from Singapore
  • "As a fund manager, The Opportune Time has been invaluable to me as a source of both market insight and global perspective. The information is all encompassing and is supported by thorough research. Wish it continued success going forward."

    Xi from Beijing, China
  • "The Opportune Time offers a solid grasp of macroeconomics, politics, and finance to help investors predict general market trends. The newsletter clearly explains unfamiliar terms, but its accessibility doesn't compromise sophistication; by predicting the 2011 bear market, it brought readers healthy returns amid a sharp downturn."

    Varun from Monte Sereno, California
  • "The Opportune Time has been my one-stop shop on the world economy over the past year. It’s like a Stratfor briefing on macroeconomics. The information The Opportune Time contains will be of value to you regardless of whether you live in America, Europe, China or anywhere else."

    Stoica from Braila, Romania
  • "Fresh, comprehensive, provocative, timely and accessible, but, most of all, a positive impact on investment performance."

    Eric from Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania
  • "The Opportune Time helps me start my week as an investor. It's a concise, thoughtful, and insightful summary of everything impacting global markets that every investor, big or small, should know."

    Eric from San Francisco, California
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